Son Cardaix

The Son Cardaix country house is located on a large historic estate in the northeast of Mallorca.

The estate, which dates back to the 15th century, is set in a spectacular landscape without equal.

A country house that breathes history

The Son Cardaix country house, which began operating as a hotel two decades ago, holds many treasures from the past.

Completely rebuilt in 1648, its long history is etched into the stone walls. Formerly a farm dedicated to the production of olive oil, it has become a beautiful and exclusive country hotel that preserves all the charm of its past.

Inside the hotel, original features have been preserved, restored and integrated into the hotel’s furnishings as witnesses to its history.

The hotel

The iconic sundial of Son Cardaix stands at the hotel’s main entrance, gazing out across the immensity of the Mallorcan countryside.

There’s no better way to relax than with a dip in our swimming pool or jacuzzi, soaking up the blissful peace and enjoying the backdrop of shady trees and the Mediterranean Sea. Olive, almond and fruit groves border the majestic house, which is surrounded by 900,000m2 of land.

The water in the pool can reach up to 25 degrees thanks to a special heating system, which ensures that the temperature is perfect all year round. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, our pools are filled with rainwater collected on the estate.

Slow food

Our guests may choose to enjoy the buffet breakfast either in the dining room or on the outdoor terrace. It includes a selection of typical Mallorcan delicacies, freshly made dishes and a long (and exquisite) selection of other specialities. Everything is prepared with seasonal, local produce.

Lunch and dinner are also available at the hotel, with a fine selection of à la carte dishes featuring a range of light bites as well as classic Mediterranean cuisine.